Show off Perl in Plat_Forms 2012

Thanks to Torsten Raudssus, who wrote in with this announcement.

What is Plat_Forms?

Plat_Forms is a contest and competition in which top-class teams of three programmers compete to implement the same requirements for a web-based system within two days, using different technology platforms (e.g. Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, Smalltalk, JavaScript or what-have-you).

Its purpose is not to determine “the” best platform, but rather to provide new insights into the real (rather than purported) pros, cons, and emergent properties of each platform. The evaluation will analyze many aspects of each solution, both external (scalability, functionality, reliability, security, performance, etc.) and internal (structure, modularity, understandability, flexibility, etc.). 1

In just two days, the teams will implement as much of the requested functionality as they can and at the same time optimize the usefulness of the resulting system (functionality, usability, reliability, etc.), the understandability of the code, the modifiability of the system design, the efficiency and scalability.

The contest will be conducted on October, 9-10, 2012. At the end of the 2 days, the teams hand over their source code and a turnkey-runnable VMware configuration of their system. 2

The event is at the Freie Universität Berlin in Berlin, Germany.

Perl and Plat_Forms

We, of course, want to represent Perl at this event. But we need teams and sponsorships to make this happen. Sadly the end of the registration is very near, but I think that we still have a chance to gather some productive and business effective working teams. A team has 3 people. We can register a maximum of 4 teams.

Companies may wish to enter a team of their own developers, as this gives them a chance to perform in a new and different environment, test themselves as a team against others, and see how other teams work together. As well as these opportunities, companies should also consider just sponsoring your most famous web framework to help send a team to show that it IS the best web framework! :-) Please help us make this a representative event for the modern Perl world. Sadly the results of last year weren’t that good, and we think, we can do better ;).

If you want to participate you must give us your details before Fri 2012-09-07, as then the registration for the event closes. Our contact email is at the end. If you want to sponsor the event, you can also contact us after the registration end date, but please ASAP :).

Contact and More Info

Torsten Raudssus organizes the team and the sponsorships this year, so if you want to see your team here or would like to sponsor, please contact him (ASAP):

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