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In case you missed it: the Built in Perl 2018 developer survey is open until May 7th. Last year there were 849 responses from Perl developers, with interesting results:

  • 84% of respondees have been programming in Perl for over 5 years
  • 21% were working remotely
  • 46% were interested in or had already tried Perl 6
  • 25% use the Mojolicious web framework with Dancer and Catalyst both around 19%
  • Vim was the most popular text editor at 43%, followed by Emacs at 16%

I wonder what the stats will show this year, for fun here are a few predictions from me:

  • The % of Perl developers working remotely will increase
  • Atom will overtake Sublime as the 3rd most popular text editor
  • The top web frameworks popularity won’t change

You heard it here first! Enter the 2018 survey here.


David Farrell

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