Welcome to the new! It’s a great time to program Perl, and our intent is that can show off our language, libraries, and community.

Thanks to Tom Christiansen, Tim O’Reilly, Greg Dickerson, Laura Painter, Allen Noren, Ask Bjorn Hansen, Robert Spier, Leo Lapworth, Allison Randal and a few more people I’m sure I’ve forgotten, is now a part of the family. TPF has taken on editorial duties.

You should notice few changes; we’ve worked hard to preserve the existing articles and URLs. More important, we’ll publish new articles and information again. My goal for the site is to post at least one article a week on some aspect of Perl and its ecosystem.

If you have submissions or suggestions or requests, please let me know. As well, we’re planning for a visual revamp. Ideas are very welcome.

Welcome back to



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