Perl Style: Closures

  • Clone similar functions using closures.

        # from MxScreen in TSA
        no strict 'refs';
        for my $color (qw[red yellow orange green blue purple violet]) {
            *$color = sub { qq<<FONT COLOR="\U$color\E">@_</FONT>> };
        undef &yellow;      # lint happiness
        *yellow = \&purple; # function aliasing
  • Or similarly:

        # from psgrep (in TSA, or PCB 1.18)
        my %fields;
        my @fieldnames = qw(FLAGS UID PID PPID PRI NICE SIZE
                            RSS WCHAN STAT TTY TIME COMMAND);
        for my $name (@fieldnames) {
            no strict 'refs';
            *$name = *{lc $name} = sub () { $fields{$name} };

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