What's new on CPAN - February 2016

Welcome to “What’s new on CPAN”, a curated look at last month’s new CPAN uploads for your reading and programming pleasure. Enjoy!

APIs & Apps

Config & Devops


Development & Version Control

  • Export::Attrs provides Perl 6’s is export(...) trait as a Perl 5 attribute.
  • Get functions to compare Git::Version objects using Git::Version::Compare.
  • Parse::Diagnostics can extract diagnostic messages from Perl source code.
  • Perlmazing - a bundle of lazily-loaded helper functions based on Perlmazing::Engine.
  • GitHub inspired Perl module, run experiments with Scientist.
  • Want to test a module against every installed version of Perl? Test::BrewBuild builds on perlbrew/berrybrew to do that for Windows Unix-based systems.
  • Test::Mock::Time create deterministic time & timers for testing. Particularly apt as February 29th just passed.
  • Test2::AsyncSubtest execute subtests asynchronously.

Science & Mathematics


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