What's new on CPAN - September 2014

Welcome to “What’s new on CPAN”, a curated look at last month’s new CPAN uploads for your reading and programming pleasure.


  • Untappd::API provides a Perl interface to the beer drinking social network
  • ComXo::Call2 looks interesting, appears to be an API to a switchboard telco service


  • cpan-outdated-coro is a faster version of the useful cpan-outdated app
  • Easily get the directory of an installed Perl module with pmdir e.g: $ cd $( pmdir Moose )
  • App::sslmaker helps you create your own SSL certificates
  • Get a weather report at the terminal using App::wu (disclosure - I am the module author). If you live in Japan you may be interested in the new module WWW::Livedoor::Weather instead

Async & Concurrency

  • Net::DNS::Native is a shiny new non-blocking DNS resolver
  • Scalar::Watcher is very interesting: allows you to monitor a variable for changes and invoke a function when they occur


  • Wow - parse card magnetic strip data with Card::Magnetic
  • Data::Partial::Google filters partial data structures “Google style”
  • Tie a hash or array to an INI file with INI_File
  • MySQL::Warmer will warm up your MySQL server! (populates the cache I think)
  • Data::Bitfield makes it easier to manage low level data bit encoding integers (bitfields).
  • Quickly clean up string data with Str::Filter. It provides a collection of useful functions for sprucing up strings

Config & DevOps

Math, Science & Language

  • Math::Shape::Vector is a 2d vector library, intended for games programming (disclosure - I am the module author).
  • Text::IQ is a fabulous module for analysing text - it returns basic stats about the text as well as flesch, kincaid and fog scores.


Object Oriented


  • Limper is interesting - a dependency free, lightweight web framework
  • New user agents! LWP::Simple::REST exports RESTful request methods for LWP and Net::HTTP::Client is a lightweight user agent in the vein of HTTP::Tiny
  • Conveniently create and verify secure messages using PBKDF2::Tiny
  • Find out your IP address with WWW::IP (disclaimer - I am the module author)
  • WebService::Client is a role that makes it easy to quickly churn out a web service client

Testing & Exceptions

  • Test::NoOverride is very cool - it implements a test for overridden methods, with some sensible defaults

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